What Our Parents & Children Say

“Learning is done at a steady pace which is not overbearing. There are no complaints when they come as they seem to be enjoying learning in this way: a mixture of written and “e” based learning.”

Joseph (parent of Y3 and Y5 children)

“At the education centre I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my maths and progressed further. They’ve prepared me very well for my summer exams and I’m very grateful to everyone here for helping me.”

Chloe (year 11)

“Tom’s confidence in English has massively improved since coming to the education centre and he actually looks forward to the lessons! Once he has had a bit of a break following his exams, I want him to continue with his lessons there to help him when he does his college course”

Alison (parent)

“I will most certainly be promoting you in the future as both I and Abigail are thoroughly impressed with the service and support you provide. Abigail feels a lot more confident about her English in the short period of time she has been attending.
Many thanks for all your support.”


“Mattew’s confidence has increased no end since attending the education centre. He got a 2A in his KS1 SATS. He says he doesn’t panic as much either. He can’t wait to come back! Thanks!”

Amanda (parent of a Y2 child)

“I find maths quite easy now that I have been to the education centre. I am better at maths such as mental maths, understanding word problems and thinking things through.”

Ellie (Y5)

“Naomi got her ‘C’ in maths and she is so, so happy!! Please thank Mike from us for all the help that he gave her, it really paid off!! She is now looking forward to starting Greenhead next week.”


“Dom got an A for Language! And a C for Lit. Thanks for your help in achieving that!”


“Just emailing the good news that I have passed maths with your help! Thanks very much.”


“Kathryn was over the moon to achieve C in English Lit and C in English Lang. Many thanks to you and your staff for the hard work put in, which has obviously paid off.”


“The education centre is a fantastic place to study. They provide excellent teaching and modern resources. I have developed an enthusiasm for learning and an ambition to succeed as a result.”

Charlotte (year 11)

“We just wanted to let you know that Tom has successfully achieved his Maths GCSE. We would like to thank you and Mike for your support and excellent teaching methods.”


“Good! Brilliant”

Zac (Y3)

“Just to let you know that Zoe is thrilled to bits with her A in English! Thanks for all your help.”


“My son said that that Karen made learning interesting and gave him useful strategies to approach tasks. My Son is now 14 and for him to say that he liked a teacher – that’s quite an endorsement! Before Karen my Son didn’t really like school much because he felt overlooked in lessons and wasn’t confident to put his hand up to ask questions. It takes an exceptional teacher to instil confidence in children like my Son. I will always be grateful to Karen for helping my Son at a stage in his education when he needed it the most.”


“I was incredibly impressed with Karen’s dedication to my son and her empathy and understanding of his needs. It demonstrated to me that she will go the extra mile, even when not required to. ”


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