ready for school

If your child is starting secondary school, you’ve bought the uniform, equipment and practised the route, here are some other tips on getting ready.

  • Tell your child it’s NORMAL to feel scared, as well as excited. If it wasn’t, secondary schools wouldn’t use buddy systems to help Year 7 children adjust. EVERYONE will feel nervous, most won’t admit it and will try to cover it up. Your child may well not admit it, but if they do, tell them it’s normal and discuss how they will be supported.


  • Tell your child it’s NORMAL to take time to adjust to their new social situation. They may build new friendships, but so might their old friends. It’s a tricky balance maintaining old and new friendships, but the same is true of everyone.


  • If your child doesn’t have any friends in their new school, tell them it’s NORMAL to take time to build a new friendship. It is NORMAL to feel a bit lonely at first, but you will support them through it.


  • It is NORMAL to make mistakes. No one is perfect. The trick is to deal with them in the best way possible and then move on.


  • Your child’s new school will want them to settle in smoothly and have a good start to the year. If you have any concerns, don’t wait until Parents’ Evening in October. Email the school, or arrange an appointment so that problems can be nipped in the bud.