The Centre Director

My name is Karen Goode and I am the Director of the YES centre. I have over twenty years’ experience of teaching in schools and have been managing education centres for two years. I have taught children and young adults of a variety of ability levels, from those with special educational needs to those considered to be gifted and talented. I have also taught children and adults for whom English is not their first language.

I have always loved teaching and am fascinated by the way in which children learn. It is because of this that I completed an MA in Education. I learned from my studies how alternative approaches to teaching can be used to help children learn. I believe everybody learns in different ways and it is our job as teachers to find a method of teaching that suits our students best.

We also like to find out what interests our students so that we can use this to help them engage in learning at our centre.


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Our aim at the centre is to really get to know the students we teach so that we can tailor lessons to suit their needs. We will adapt our lessons to suit individual learning styles and tap into their potential.