Keep them learning at our Summer School

Tuesday 26th July-Thursday 25th August.

Early Bird Offer

£4 off each lesson if you book before 1st July 2016. Offer applies to Summer Holiday classes only.

Why is it important to keep children’s brains active over Summer?

Six weeks is a long time to find alternative ways of keeping children active over Summer. We all love a holiday, but should children only be involved in social activities during the break? On average those not involved in any educational activities over the Summer months lose two months worth of knowledge. Teachers can spend a significant part of the first term helping students relearn forgotten skills.

We at Yorkshire Education Service can offer the perfect solution to this problem. Our Summer School runs for five weeks and offers a range of activities. Your child can attend one or more of our 80 minute lessons and will be given a small amount of homework. We offer a free consultation before you book so that we can pinpoint what it is your child needs. We will then devise an individual learning programme for them to help them maintain focus and prepare for the year ahead. This small amount of effort will make a huge difference and will mean your child is ready for the new school year and will not waste valuable time.

What do we offer for Summer School?

We offer the same service we usually do:

  • Maths
  • English
  • GCSE preparation
  • SATs preparation
  • Preparation for Entrance Exams
  • Dyslexia support

As well as a few extras:

  • Creative writing
  • Crafty books
  • Computer programming

Creative Writing

We will encourage children to tap into their natural capacity for creativity in these sessions. Whatever their ability, we will help them structure stories, give them top tips and develop their skills.

The focus here is on having fun with language and getting excited about writing amazing stories. Just as with all our lessons, we cater for individual needs. If your child loves to tell stories, but finds it difficult to get them down on paper, we have the skills and resources to support even the most reluctant writer. If your child loves writing stories, we can help refine those skills and provide tools to help develop their writing at home.

Crafty Books

Our Crafty Books lessons go well with our Creative Writing and English lessons. The focus on making books to that the children can add their own writing to. Children can have fun creating alternative types of books which they can take away and keep. Making their own books will involve a great deal of mathematical skills too which we will encourage children to use at an appropriate level.

Computer Programming

Computer Programming is a new element of the Primary National Curriculum. Our specialist software enables children to create animations, games and interactive stories. They will learn how to write programmes, how to edit and improve them and how to share their work.

Children will not only love learning how to programme, they will be problem solving using maths and English too.

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