Maths Tuition

Adults and children alike can find maths quite a daunting subject. Some of the concepts can seem quite alien and difficult to understand. Our aim is to break down those barriers and demystify maths for our students. We help students to tackle concepts that have been baffling them using a structured, supportive approach. We like to bring the fun back into maths so our lessons may include practical activities as well as computer and paper based tasks. Not all students that come to us are struggling; some are skilled mathematicians and need a challenge. We like to channel that enthusiasm to encourage these students to tackle more complex maths and help them really fulfil their potential to succeed at a higher level.

Pre-school maths

Our early years programmes are designed to help children be prepared for school. We link maths to familiar every-day activities using a combination of role-play, practical tasks and more formal written ones. We encourage our young students to feel relaxed about maths and see it as just another part of daily life.

Every little achievement is celebrated using our reward system so that children can take pride in the progress they make. Young children love their rewards, which encourage them to keep trying their best.

Primary maths

Some primary school children still need practical activities to help them to become more engaged in maths. Our fully-equipped education centre has plenty of resources ideally suited to help with understanding and make learning fun.

As well as helping children with understanding their daily maths lessons in school, we can prepare them for SATs. We do this by identifying which key concepts they need to practise and supporting them with improving their response. We are also able to help with entrance exams and the 11+

We find that primary children love our reward system which encourages them to work hard to achieve their targets.

Secondary maths

With GCSEs becoming increasingly challenging it is more essential than ever that students are able to approach their exams with confidence. Changes in the National Curriculum mean that maths for all age groups has become more demanding. However, for secondary students this means they have less time to keep up with the new challenges facing them.

We are well practised in helping students achieve the grade they need within a relatively short period of time. As well as advancing maths skills, we provide plenty of practise and guidance on exam papers for those facing GCSEs.

A levels

Although we mainly teach school-aged students we occasionally get asked for help with maths A level work. If we have a teacher who is able to help we will do our best to arrange lessons for you.

These will usually be different to standard lessons as the work is of a more specialist nature. Should you require such lessons we will discuss how we can accommodate you.

Other maths work

We also sometimes get asked for help by older students or adults. This may be to enable them to get qualifications to progress with their career. If you need such support, simply give us a ring and we will see what we can do to help you.

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