How it Works…

If you would like your child to receive extra tuition at our centre then you only need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1 - Book a free consultation

We always offer a free consultation where we invite you and your child to come to our education centre. During this time we can discuss in depth what you need and tell you more about how we work. An important part of the consultation is that we will carry out an informal assessment of your child to find out more about their learning needs. We will discuss the results of this with you and advise you as to what their next steps should be.

Step 2 - Create a learning programme

Following your free consultation we will discuss with you what you would like to achieve with your lessons. We will design a learning programme which will match the individual needs of your child. You can then decide when you would like your child to come for lessons. We understand that family life can be extremely busy so we do our best to make sure you can book a time which suits you.

Step 3 - Meet your tutor

We will carefully select the most suitable teacher for your child. The teacher will use the results of the assessment to help plan the first lesson. During the first lesson the teacher will take time to get to know your child so that a positive relationship can be built up. Your child’s response to different learning activities will be carefully monitored so that the teacher can decide which approach will best be used for future lessons.

Step 4 - Start lessons

Our weekly lessons last for 80 minutes and are broken down into smaller units of work. We use 80 minutes because this has proven to be more effective to promote progress than the more traditional 60 minutes. Your child will benefit from 1-1 tuition in a small group of 1-5 children. Activities involve a combination of computer-based and written tasks.

At the end of the lesson we provide feedback to parents and carers so that you know how your child is performing. We provide homework so that learning can continue at home. This is designed to be completed independently by your child so all you need to do is make sure they are given the time to complete it. Should you wish to be involved in helping your child with learning at home, we will discuss with you how you could do so.

Step 5 - Achieving your goals

We will regularly discuss with you and your child the goals you would like to achieve. We break these down into manageable targets so that your child is motivated to achieve. Since we regularly discuss lesson outcomes with you, you will be able to see how close your child is to reaching their goals.

Why Choose Us?

At Yorkshire Education Service we are passionate about helping every child reach their full potential. We will use our considerable teaching experience to devise learning programmes best suited for your child’s individual needs. Every child is different and learns in different ways. We will find the best method of learning for your child so they can make the greatest progress possible.

We provide:

  • A range of lesson times to fit in with your other commitments
  • Lessons which are designed to boost confidence and motivation
  • A wide variety of learning materials including workbooks, computers and audio resources
  • A teacher that is matched specifically to your child

We call ourselves a service because we don’t just help children, we help parents too! Teaching in schools has changed dramatically over the years leaving some parents confused as to modern methods used. Our optional FREE workshops are designed to help parents understand how their child is taught in school and how they can help them at home.


If you are interested in our education centre than we are more than happy to have a chat with you, or arrange for you to come and visit us.

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